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Whether road bike or racing, a motorcycles is nowadays more and more governed by sensors and electronic systems connected by cables and connectors.


The complete wiring of a motorcycle is all the time more characterized by a high number of connectors that manage the complex electronic part of the vehicle. EMZ’s long experience in this division comes from the very first collaborations with major motorcycle brands since the 1970s. The precision of our cutting and crimping machines, the Hot Melt molding of connectors and electronic boards, and the testing of each produced item get our harnesses to be appreciated by the main manufacturers of motorcycles and ATVs, both standard and racing. Especially in the motorbike racing sector, where a fault in the wiring may bring to failing a race, the utmost guarantee of quality product is mandatory.

Worlewide Partnership


In 50 years of activity Elettromeccanica Zuccoli has experienced constant growth thanks to continuous technological investments and training of our human resources. Our international vision allows us today to create cabling in line with the specific requests of an ever-growing international market. This experience has allowed us to consolidate a network of collaborations and partnerships outside the italian borders that can increase our know-how and provide quick answers to the needs of our customers all over the world.


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