Since 1970

production of high quality wiring for all sectors

million simple and
complex wires

thousand km cut
and stripped cable

million crimped

million connectors installed
and tested one by one

years of experience
and creativity

Pre-design and prototyping of each wiring.
Specific know-how and consultancy to optimize assembly phases and production costs.
Internal design and production of special connection systems.
Wiring checked and tested one by one for the best management of after sales and customer service.
Punctual deliveries and in line with customers’ production needs.
Quality verified with specific tests by specialized and motivated employees with a sense of direct responsibility.
Production spread over multiple locations to ensure the lowest possible cost.



Elettromeccanica Zuccoli tells its own story of appreciation through the experience obtained with millions of wiring produced for many industrial fields.
Reading through the pages of this company profile it is possible to discover the story made of people who work with passion every day to produce wiring of the highest quality.


Progressively matured since our foundation and continuously fed with frequent visits to the most important international trade fairs, in collaboration with our customers whose needs we take into great consideration and with the most careful evaluation of our suppliers to better understand the proposals on the evolution of the most advanced components and processes.
The result of the great attention to these aspects has developed in us a very important aspect: CREATIVITY.


CREATIVITY in collaboration, if requested by the customer, for prototyping in single copy or pre-series;
CREATIVITY in processes and applied technologies for all our production steps;
CREATIVITY from assembly to testing before delivery.
CREATIVITY which is then found in the final product to the full advantage for the customer as purchase satisfaction.

Each new CUSTOMER, each new cabling is, for us, the opportunity to express all our creativity, all our experience, all our technology, in every small or large order. We want the CUSTOMER to proudly say of every wiring we produce: IT IS MADE BY ZUCCOLI. AND YOU CAN SEE IT.
It is a bet on which we test costantly ourselves: our passion, our investments and all the commitment of those who work with us. When our company was founded, we could have given it a fancy name. Undefined. Instead, we wanted our surname to be clearly present to always be personally involved. We put our face on it.

Ercole e Luigi Zuccoli
Worlewide Partnership


In 50 years of activity Elettromeccanica Zuccoli has experienced constant growth thanks to continuous technological investments and training of our human resources. Our international vision allows us today to create cabling in line with the specific requests of an ever-growing international market. This experience has allowed us to consolidate a network of collaborations and partnerships outside the italian borders that can increase our know-how and provide quick answers to the needs of our customers all over the world.